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Window Replacement & Installation in North DFW

Window Replacement Company in North DFWBeautiful, Energy Efficient Replacement Windows for your home!

If you are looking for professional window installation or replacement, turn to our skilled contractors at Modern Blu. We have helped countless homeowners in Flower Mound, Highland Village, and surrounding areas bring the light and beauty of the outdoors in through high-quality window services. We offer a wide selection of windows, ranging in size and style, to suit virtually every preference and budget and work quickly and cleanly to get your new panes installed seamlessly.

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Benefits of High-Quality Window Replacement

Our team at Modern Blu is passionate about providing the best window installation and replacement to homeowners because we have seen first hand how beneficial new windows can be.

4 reasons to Replace Your Windows:

1. Energy Efficient Windows Will Reduce your Energy Costs:

If your home’s windows are outdated you could be leaching conditioned air from your AC or heater, causing these systems to work harder in order for you and your family to feel comfortable, and raising monthly energy costs. Replacing these windows will immediately help seal your home from any of these unwanted cracks.

2. New Windows Offer Increased UV Protection:

Some newer windows, like Low-E insulating double-pane or triple-pane, provide added protection from the sun’s rays, blocking up to 94% of ultraviolet rays.

Well insulated homes are also quieter homes, so not only will new windows keep cold air in, but also minimize noise from outside. There are even noise-reducing glass options to create a truly peaceful space.

3. Updated Windows Increase Home Value:

The National Association of Realtors has stated that window replacement can return homeowners more than 78% of the project cost at resale. This is because quality windows will not only look nice, but also increase the energy efficiency of your home.

4. Window Renovation Boosts Your Curb Appeal:

Matching windows to your unique color and style will both help make your home feel like your own, and help it stand out on the block.

Frequently Asked Questions about Window Replacement:

-“Are windows *really* worth the investment?”

“We’re in the process of getting estimates for windows, & 0ur home was built in 1920. It has about 35 original windows. The first ballpark quote was 25k, that’s for windows only; no soffits (which needs to be done as well). I’m thinking it’s going to be $40-$50k when everything is figured in. Here’s my question: is it worth it? Look, we love our house,  but we’re not in love with our town. We are planning to move in about 5-6 years. We’re about to invest $20k into this place for central air and heat, so plopping down another $40-$50k on windows seems crazy. I’m just wondering if home buyers (when we turn around to sell it) care very much about replaced windows in the home, and whether the proported energy savings from new replacement windows is a big enough selling point. We’re not all that confident that we will get our investment back when we do sell. Your professional advice would be very much appreciated. Also if you’ve recently replaced windows in the Flower Mound – Bridlewood – Copper Canyon area and a ballpark cost structure would be great. TIA!”

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  • From small panes to add a touch of light into a bathroom to large skylights and floor to ceiling windows, our trained and experienced subcontractors have seen and installed it all. We will work with you to build a design that suits your style and budget and can happily offer additional home remodel solutions to maximize your investment.
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