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Roof Inspections in Flower Mound

Pay Attention to These Signs That You Might Need a Roof Inspection

The roof of your home is such an integral part of its structure and design. Beyond that, it is what protects your family and all the assets in your home. Needless to say, your roof is immensely important, and at Modern Blu, we want to help you protect and maintain it. Most experts recommend undergoing a roof inspection two times a year in order to keep your roof functional and long-lasting. You should also have a roof inspection if there is damage after a rain or windstorm. You might not notice any visible signs right away, but our team will help you get to the bottom of it. However, if you notice any of the following signs of roof damage, you should contact a professional like the ones on the team at Modern Blu for an inspection:

  • Signs of moisture in the attic – You might not think to look in the attic when looking for roof damage, but it can be a major indicator of its condition. If there is damage in the attic, it will leak through to the attic. This is a great place to start when you are looking for damage because it can often be seen here before it can be found elsewhere.
  • Warped rafters in the attic – Rafters are made of wood, so they will tell you the story of the damage that needs to be repaired.
  • Visible shingle damage – If you have a conventional shingle roof, it might be easy to spot the damage. If your shingles are curled, cracked, or missing, it would likely mean that the shingles are structurally weak. Even if there is only one missing shingle, it could lead to a leak, so you will want to be proactive about this situation.
  • Gutter issues – If your gutter is damaged, it will need to be repaired or replaced immediately. If your gutter is not working, moisture will leak into the building and damage the foundation and can erode your shingles. The purpose of a gutter system is to divert rainfall to an area where it will not do any damage, so a leaky gutter defeats the purpose of a gutter.
  • Dents or scratches around the roof – If you notice dents and scratches around the bottom edges of chimneys and the shingles, a roof inspection is likely in your future. You should also look out for flashing and visible fasteners like nails and screws.
  • Stains on ceilings or walls – If you have noticed mysterious stains on your walls, a juice spill might not be to blame. It could actually be caused by a leaky roof. After a storm, it is important to take time to examine the ceilings and corners of the walls in the rooms on your home’s upper stories. These spots might be easy to miss, so if you notice them, you should address them before they get worse.
  • Peeling paint near the roof – If you notice there is paint peeling near the roof, it is usually a sign of gradual humidity buildup that comes from poor ventilation in the area. If there has been a storm in the area recently, the problem will likely become even worse.

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What Happens During a Roof Inspection?

If you notice any of the warning signs above, or it has been a while since your last inspection, the roof inspectors at Modern Blu will conduct a thorough inspection and give you a trustworthy recommendation for the best way to move forward. We will begin by inspecting the inside of the home for water intrusion. This includes checking your attic for signs of aging, leaks, mold, and moisture. The next step we will take is to check the outside of the roof for signs of damage. At the end of our inspection, we will give you an estimate and a solid plan for the future of your roof.

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