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Bathroom Cabinet Installation

Building Beautiful Bathroom Renovations in Flower Mound and Highland Village for over 20 years.

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Bathroom Cabinet Installation in Flower Mound and Highland Village

Bathroom Cabinet remodel in Flower Mound and Highland VillageOver 20 Years of Experience Creating Beautiful Bathrooms in the North DFW Area

Your Bathroom Cabinets are second only to the Countertops you choose in the visual impact you get from your bathroom remodeling design. The right cabinet design lays the foundation and sets the tone for your bathroom remodeling project, so it’s important to find a style that speaks to you and your lifestyle. Bathroom cabinets are a valuable asset because they can add storage space, increase the overall value of your home, and create the ambiance you want for your bathroom.

For over 20 years, our design experts at Modern Blu have helped customers find their dream cabinetry, ensuring every detail is done right. We help customers pick the perfect drawers, handles, doors, and knobs for their bathroom cabinetry before handling every stage of the installation process.

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Many home remodeling companies will advocate using low-end cabinets and topping those with a nice quartz countertop, but we don’t believe in putting a nice  roof on a faulty foundation. We pride ourselves on providing customers with trusted, premium-quality cabinets that are always solid wood (never any partcle board on any job we ever do). We also stand behind our installation services, no matter the size of the project.

Types of Bathroom Cabinets We Install in Flower Mound and Highland Village

When it comes to bathroom cabinetry, our bathroom remodeling contractors do not settle for anything less than superior quality. Cabinets serve a critical function for your bathroom, as they are considered the backbone of your space. Your toiletries and household products will essentially “live” within your cabinets, so allow our experts to enhance your bathroom with the cabinetry of your dreams. You can pick from:

  • Inset: This type of style screams “less is more.” Inset cabinets are simple yet elegant and timeless because of their seamless look. Doors and drawers are made to fit inside the face frame of your cabinet, providing a cohesive, clean appearance.
  • Louvered: Louvers are parallel, horizontal slats that are designed to regulate airflow and light penetration. Louvered shutter-style cabinets are perfect if you want to have an “airy” feeling in your bathroom, as they can both provide separation and structure as well as openness and aesthetics.
  • Wood: Wood is a timeless material for any space in your home, especially your bathroom. If you like a warm, natural feeling, wood may be your best option. Our contractors can install basic wood or distressed wooden cabinets in your bathroom, both of which have significant feats. Basic wood cabinets are great if you want a clean, contemporary look, while distressed wood gives an aged, rustic appearance, which is perfect if you want a touch of character in your bathroom.
  • Mirrored: Mirrored cabinets are seamless and consistent, and they function well in virtually any bathroom space. Whether or not you like to check yourself out, mirrored bathroom cabinets are both functional and complimentary.
  • Metal: Do you like a contemporary, sleek, urban look? Metal cabinets are an advantageous solution for your bathroom, as they are extremely durable, resistant, and most of all, attractive. Metal bathroom cabinets can add a touch of edginess and simplicity to your space, which is why this material is so versatile.
  • Bathrooms mahogany cabinets - Also offers Basement Renovation in Flower Mound TX
    Mahogany Bathroom Cabinet from Bathroom Remodel in Highland Village

    Shaker: You can do a lot with shaker-style cabinets because they are easily customizable. You can select from a variety of wood materials such as hard maple, red oak, and more. Flaunting clean lines and raised panel designs, you can design your shaker cabinet to reflect any type of bathroom style, such as contemporary, transitional, or traditional. People love the dimension and consistency that shaker bathroom cabinets provide.

  • Glass Front: These types of bathroom cabinets can make any bathroom feel bigger and better. Glass front cabinets give an upscale, classy appearance to any bathroom, and are very easy to clean and maintain. The only downside is glass-front cabinets do not conceal your toiletries and household items, so if you don’t want to have these items on display, you may want to select a different style.
  • Beadboard: Often found in French-style, beach-style, and country-style homes, beadboard cabinets feature vertical slats of wood. For this reason, beadboard gives the illusion of length and elevation. Particularly, this style of cabinetry is distinct for its pattern and texture.
  • Flat Panel: Also called “slab,” flat panel bathroom cabinets give a clean, modern look. They are literally a single slab of material, whether it be wood, MDF, or finish-grade plywood, flat-panel cabinets provide a simple yet contemporary style to any bathroom.
  • Natural Finish: Natural Finish cabinetry is less popular these days, but if you like wood grain, it’s a great fit.
  • Raised Panel: Traditional, formal-style bathrooms typically feature raised panel cabinets. They add dimension (like shaker cabinets) with a touch of old-school character, so if you’re interested in classic aesthetics, raised panel bathroom cabinets may be right for you.

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Trusted, Top-Tier Service for Your Bathroom Cabinets

At Modern Blu, we take every measure to ensure your bathroom speaks to your taste and lifestyle. Cabinets are a substantial focal point for any room in your home, and your bathroom is no exception. That’s why we spend a substantial amount of time understanding our customers’ needs before starting any project in their homes. Our professional bathroom cabinet installers in Flower Mound are committed to transforming your bathroom into a dream oasis, one step at a time.

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