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Window and Door Services in Flower Mound

Breathing New Life into the Windows and Doors of Your Home

As you spend time in your home, your windows and doors will naturally experience some kind of damage. Some damage can be easily repaired, but the kind of damage that happens when you have a natural disaster will require the help of a professional like the ones on the team at Modern Blu. When the time comes that you need a window or door repaired or replaced, you can trust the Modern Blu team to provide the services you need. If you’re not sure of whether you can fix your windows or doors on your own, we recommend a professional consultation so you can better understand the next steps.

How to Identify and Replace Windows and Doors

Sometimes, window and door damage is obvious. If you have recently experienced a natural disaster, the damage will be fairly evident. Other times, window and door damage might be more subtle. Here are some of the ways you can identify window and door damage:

  • Random drafts of hot or cold air –  If you are experiencing drafts of hot or cold air, it might be time to replace your windows and doors. There might be gaps of air in the doors and windows that are letting cold air out and allowing the heat to escape. If the gaps in your doors and windows are large enough that you can insert a fingertip into, you should definitely fill this area or else you will be paying the price with your energy bills.
  • Paint peeling on windowsills or doors – If you notice deterioration around your windowsill or door, it might be much more problematic than you think. It is more than just a design faux pas; it could actually mean that moisture is penetrating through the wood and causing it to rot. This can create structural problems and attract termites.
  • Difficulty opening, closing, or locking windows and doors – The most basic function of a door or window means it needs to open and shut. If your door or window is not doing this, it is a major sign that you will need a replacement soon. The part of the window that keeps it open is called a balance. If the balance is not working, the window could become a hazard. It is also possible that your door or window might be nailed or painted shut, which is dangerous as well. No matter what the cause might be, doors and windows that are not opening are definitely an issue, and we will help you get to the bottom of it.
  • Light is leaking in from under the door or windowsill – If your door or window is closed, you should not see any light leaking in from the sill or the casing. You should also not be able to see light streaming in from around the frame. If you can see light coming in, there are likely other unwanted particles coming in as well, such as water, drafts, insects, and rodents.
  • Condensation between your windowpanes – If your windows are double and triple paned, they typically contain a layer of air in between the glass that creates insulation for the home. If there is condensation between the glass panes or a film between them, this means that the windows are not properly insulated and you will need to replace them soon.

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