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Bathroom countertops are more than just a surface, they are an integral part of your daily routine. Think about it — you brush your teeth, wash your face, do your hair, put on makeup, get your kids ready, and much more, but all of these basics would not be possible without a functional bathroom countertop.

You need a vanity top that is designed to handle all kinds of tasks, especially if you have kids, use beauty, cleaning, or skincare products, or simply want an aesthetic bathroom space to enjoy. Ultimately, your bathroom countertop should be able to handle your lifestyle and look good while doing it.

That’s why our professional Bathroom Remodeling Design Team  counts on our countertop installers in Flower Mound to provide a wide variety of materials for our clients to choose from.

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No two people or households are exactly alike, so your vanity countertops should be unique to your tastes. Our ste-by-step design process ensures that this will happen so that you can get the bathroom you want. We encourage you to explore the materials we offer below:

  • Granite: A highly demanded material for bathroom countertops is granite. It adds value to your overall home renovation, lasts longer than you could imagine, and can handle just about anything without wearing and tearing easily. And if it were to scratch or chip, granite is very easy to fix. For these reasons, granite bathroom countertops are great for households containing pets and/or children.
  • Quartz: This is one of the strongest materials on earth, and lasts longer than granite. Quartz is extremely durable and relatively low maintenance. It is non-porous, meaning quartz bathroom countertops do not get holes or cracks. This makes it impossible for liquids, products, bacteria, viruses, and other germs to seep into the countertops and cause damage.
  • Marble: Elegant, rich, and beautifully sleek, marble countertops are not only stunning but also extremely durable. They are resistant to water, heat, and scratches, making them perfect for your bathroom. Not to mention, each slab of marble is unique. No two pieces are the same!
  • Concrete: Don’t be fooled, concrete bathroom countertops do not look like worn-down sidewalks. They can actually be customized to satisfy a wide range of color and design preferences, all while being durable, heat resistant, and reliable. Concrete material can give your vanity top a head-turning appeal while increasing the value of your home since it’s considered a premium material when used in homes.
  • Porcelain: Although it’s a man-made material, porcelain’s strength is comparable to those of natural stones, which is impressive. You can choose from a wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns, too. Porcelain is less porous and sturdy than other man-made materials, making it substantially resistant to liquids, scratches, and heat.
  • Wood: Do you want a timeless, natural look for your bathroom countertop? Wood may be the answer. Wood countertops can warm up any space without breaking your bank, and they don’t require expensive cleaning or maintenance.
  • Laminate: An affordable yet versatile material for your bathroom countertops is laminate. You can choose from a broad range of finishes and trust that the laminate material will handle water and moisture without damaging. Laminate is becoming a popular choice for bathroom vanity countertops because can be custom-tailored to just about any look, even natural stone. Keep in mind, however, that laminate can burn, fade, and dent.

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Are New Countertops for Your Bathroom Worth It?

Countertops are one of the first things you notice in a bathroom, as they serve as both a focal point and connecting point between your cabinets and wall. So, you should choose a bathroom countertop material that is attractive, durable, and reliable for those fast-paced mornings and leisurely evenings. What better way to make this possible than to hire Modern Blu for your project?

Our contractors can turn your vision into a reality, going above and beyond to not only meet your expectations but exceed them. We can transform your space with ease and efficiency to make your investment well worth it! Allow us to be the solution you can trust for all your bathroom remodeling needs.

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