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Are you interested in saving space, extra storage, low maintenance, and other perks for your bathroom? Picking the right bathroom vanity is where you want to start (check out our remodeling photo gallery here) A vanity can transform the look and feel of your bathroom while serving as a core functional component of your space. You can place soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, containers, and many other essential items on your vanity, all while maximizing your space and looking clean.

Your daily routine can become a better experience when you invest in a vanity. Rather than dealing with clutter and mess, you can easily organize your toiletries and other bathroom essentials in one unit. Experience the difference a vanity can make for your bathroom by giving us a call at ! Our bathroom vanity installation contractors proudly serve customers in Flower Mound.

Types of Bathroom Vanities We Install

When selecting the best vanity for your bathroom, you should consider who is using your bathroom, how it’s being used, what kind of storage you want, and what material would best suit your lifestyle. But you don’t have to go through the process alone. Our contractors at Modern Blu can take a look at your space, guide you through your options, and ultimately, amplify your bathroom to perfection. So, what do we offer? Customers can choose from the three types of vanities below:

  • Vanity shelves – You can create a ton of storage space with vanity shelves. Whether you want some layers of drawers beneath your sink, multiple storage units, or simple shelves stacked against your walls, vanity shelves can be the perfect solution. They give a clean, sleek look and take up little space in your bathroom.
  • Wall-mounted vanity – Also called a floating vanity, a wall-mounted vanity is securely installed on your bathroom wall, leaving your bathroom floors untouched and looking spacious. Homeowners who want optimal storage solutions for their bathrooms without sacrificing too much space tend to opt for wall-mounted vanities for these reasons.
  • Standing cabinet style vanity – These types of vanities contain drawers and cabinets, similar to a kitchen, that can be customized to your unique space. You can select the number of cabinets and drawers, the dimensions, and the specific colors, design, and material you want. Our contractors can guide you through the process from inception to completion.

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Ready to Turn Your Vision into a Reality?

You go into your bathroom every day for a variety of reasons, so you want to feel comfortable and happy in this space as such. A vanity can work wonders, adding storage and space solutions while being the “eye candy” of your bathroom. If you are interested in learning more, please get in touch with our bathroom vanity installers in Flower Mound!

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