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Piping & Repiping Services in Flower Mound

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If it seems like you’re always experiencing plumbing problems, it might be time to consider repiping your home. Pipes degrade because of time, use, and even because of chemical drain cleaners. If you’ve noticed your house’s plumbing system simply isn’t working like it used to or should, it could be that your pipes are at fault.

Our experts at Modern Blu are professionally trained in pipe installation and replacement. We don’t just handle isolated jobs – we are capable of tackling projects where the homeowner needs every inch of pipe replaced throughout their home. We have more than 20 years of experience in plumbing and only use high-quality materials that won’t break down anytime soon under normal use. As our customer, we put your needs first and strive to ensure we meet them at every step along the way.

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Why You Should Consider New Pipes for Your Home

Replacing the plumbing pipes in your home is no small consideration or investment. That said, you should not hesitate for much longer if you identify with any of the common reasons why people end up repiping their houses.

The following are just a few reasons to consider repiping your home:

  • Rust-colored water is flowing from your taps
  • Inspections reveal heavily corroded pipes
  • You are plagued by chronic leaks and broken pipes
  • You’re experiencing low water pressure
  • The pipes currently in use are made with outdated materials (like lead)
  • You are already planning an extensive bathroomkitchen, or home remodel
  • Your plumbing system is more than 20 years old

Even if it seems like it’s easier to simply repair leaks and breaks when they occur, you’re more likely to experience a catastrophic failure of your plumbing system if you only address these symptoms. Ultimately, you should consult with an expert plumber like ours at Modern Blu who can help you determine if piping and repiping services in Flower Mounds are right for you.

New Construction? We Can Help!

We can do more than just replace the existing pipes in a home. If you are building a new home, addition, or another completely new structure that requires plumbing, Modern Blu’s technicians can help. We’ll ensure that you not only receive our high-quality workmanship but that the materials we use are among the best available for the job.

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We Are Committed to Quality Workmanship

We understand that when it comes to piping and repiping services in Flower Mound, nothing can be more important to you than ensuring the company you hire cares about the quality of work it delivers. Modern Blu is committed to ensuring the quality workmanship that our experienced and expertly trained contractors deliver.

We are passionate about our work and placing our customers’ needs above all else when it comes to offering them the best possible experience. If you want to learn more about what Modern Blu can do for you, we encourage you to reach out to us today and request an appointment so we can discuss your needs and how we are the right company for you to choose.

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