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Install a Patio Enclosure at Your Flower Mound Residence

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Do you want to enjoy your patio year-round without worrying about bugs and extreme temperatures? Are you looking to maximize your space and turn your patio into an art studio or playroom? Consider installing a patio enclosure at your Flower Mound residence. From sunrooms to porch and patio covers, Modern Blu can help you choose and install a patio enclosure that meets your needs.

Whether you want to add shade to your space in the summer or create a climate-controlled patio that stands up to every season, we are ready to help.

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Sunrooms are some of the most versatile patio enclosures available. You can choose from an economical three-season sunroom or a climate-controlled, four-season sunroom. With energy-efficient glass, you can also let the sun and stars in, keeping your space cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Choose from a studio room, cathedral room, conservatory, or curved eave sunroom to meet your design goals, and enjoy your fully enclosed patio at any time of year.

You can use your sunroom to grow local plants in a temperate environment, read or paint with the sun and stars pouring in, or even as a playroom for children and grandchildren.


If you want to keep your patio as a fully outdoor space but shield yourself from the harsh summer sun, consider installing a pergola. These elegant, freestanding structures provide shade while allowing diffused sunlight to brighten your patio. You can also thread twinkling lights through the open crossbeams and grow climbing plants up the vertical pillars for a truly splendid summer night.

Installing a pergola is an easy way to elevate your outdoor space and transform your patio into an alfresco dining room or sparkling outdoor lounge. Burning citronella candles inside a pergola can also keep the mosquitos at bay.

Screen Rooms

If mosquitos and other insects are the main obstacle to you enjoying your patio, a screen room may be the perfect solution. Screen rooms give you a clear view of the outdoors, let in the summer breeze, and protect you and your family from creepy crawlers and biting bugs. You can also install a roof or vinyl top to provide shade during the hot summer months.

Like sunrooms, screen rooms are fully enclosed, but they are not climate-controlled. With a screen room, you will feel like you are outside – without having to worry about mosquitos and the hot sun. Some systems offer retractable screens, so you can enjoy open space during the day and roll your screen down when the bugs come out.

Build your screen room with our trusted remodeling professionals.

Porch and Patio Covers

Another option for shade during the summer – and protection from the rain – is a porch or patio cover. Adding a porch or patio cover is like extending your roof over your patio or porch while keeping the rest of the space open.

Once you have added a porch and patio cover, you can also add temporary screens or curtains during specific times of the year, and some porch and patio covers can double as a carport.

Whether you want to watch the rain on your porch or shield your pool area patio from the sun’s harmful rays, a porch or patio cover may be an economical option.

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Which Patio Enclosure Should I Choose?

Patio enclosures are not a one-size-fits-all remodel. Your choice will depend on how you wish to use the space and your design goals. If you want to host outdoor dinners, for example, a pergola might be the most fashionable choice, but if you want a comfortable place for children to play, a sunroom offers climate control and more privacy.

Sometimes, a patio enclosure looks awkward with your existing design and a porch or patio cover is the best way to maintain the overall style of your home.

No matter what your goals are, Modern Blu can help you turn your patio into a functional, aesthetically pleasing space.

We have over 20 years of experience and are ready to elevate your patio enclosure project.

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