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Hail Damage Repair

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Hail Damage Roof Repair in Flower Mound

When a Hail Damages Your Roof, Turn to Modern Blu for Fast, Reliable Repairs

Did you know that Texas receives more hailstorms than any other state? Furthermore, we also receive more than our fair share of high winds and even tornadoes. All of these significant weather events can wreak havoc on your roof, gutters, and exterior siding. When this happens, you need repair service that you can count on.

Storm damage is often caused by:

  • Hailstorms
  • Windstorms
  • Heavy rains
  • Lightning
  • Falling limbs
  • Ice & freezing temperatures

Modern Blu specializes in storm damage repair, and we are well-known across Flower Mound, Highland Village, and the surrounding areas for our excellent quality of work and our exceptional customer service. As a local company, we understand what you’re up against, and we can help you repair and maintain your roof no matter what type of storm damage you’re dealing with. When disaster strikes, Modern Blu is here to help.

What to Do After a Severe Weather Event

After a bad Hailstorm, you should perform a visual inspection of your roofing. If you notice excess debris on your roof or in your gutters, you should make sure to clear it (once it is safe to do so) so that the debris does not build up and damage your roofing. A buildup of leaves, branches, and other debris can create water dams that push water back into your roofing materials, creating leaks and causing moisture and water damage. Clogged gutters can also cause water to back up and get in and under your roofing materials and into your home’s exterior siding.

Signs of storm damage include:

  • Leaks and excess moisture in your home, crawlspace, or attic
  • A loss of granules if you have asphalt shingles
  • Cracked, broken, or missing tiles or shingles
  • Rust and corrosion on roofing, gutters, and other metal features
  • Visible damage to your roofing materials
  • Mold, mildew, or algae growth on your roof

If you notice any of these signs of hail or storm damage, reach out to our roof repair experts right away. Even a rainstorm can damage your roof, and you want to catch any problems as quickly as possible. We will inspect your entire roofing system, identify all problems, and provide you with your repair options.

Why Hail Damage Needs to Be Repaired ASAP

When it comes to roof damage, few things are as destructive as hail. During a hailstorm, your roof takes a beating. Hailstones can puncture roofing materials, crack shingles and tiles, and rips through gutters and flashing. Even relatively small hailstones can do a significant amount of damage. After a large hailstorm, it is recommended that you schedule a professional roof inspection with our Hailstorm damage specialists to ensure that your roofing system is not compromised.

During our inspection, our roofing contractors will look for a wide range of hail-related issues, including damaged or missing shingles, divots and dents in roofing materials, signs of water damage, and signs of structural damage to your roof. We will also inspect all roof installations, including skylights, venting, chimneys, etc. to see if they have been compromised by the hailstorm.

We Put Your Safety First

After a Hail has damaged your roof, safety should be your first priority. If you are dealing with a fallen tree branch or downed power lines, you should first evacuate your home and call your local utility company’s emergency line or 911. Do not try to move downed power lines or electrical components on your own. Once you have seen to your and your family’s safety, call our Flower Mound Hail damage roof repair experts.

As a company, we put our customer’s safety first and foremost. When you hire us to repair your roof after a Hailstorm, we ensure that all work is completed safely and effectively. Our roofing contractors are licensed and insured, and we work efficiently and will never cut corners. When it comes to quality of work and customer service, Modern Blu is simply the best.

To get a roof inspection service in Flower Mound, call or contact us online.

You don’t get to choose when a storm damages your roof, but you do have a choice when it comes to roofing contractors.

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