In the case of a roof leak it is important to find and fix the leak as soon as possible. Some customers have ignored leaks for months before finally addressing the problem. This has resulted in a small problem becoming a much bigger problem and costing more time and energy for the homeowner. Over time small leaks can leaks to damaged ceilings, rotted framing, ruined insulation and other issues.

The first step in resolving a roof leak is to locate where It is leaking. This may not be a problem if there has been major damage to your roof, but sometimes smaller leaks can be hard to find. Leak identification can present a problem depending on the location and nature of the leak. Even though you may see signs of a leak inside your house, the actual entry point of the water may be in an entirely different place.

Start in the attic

The easiest place to begin your search is in the attic. Use a flashlight to look for any signs of a roof leak. You will want to see if there is any discoloration, water stains, mold underneath the roof. You will also want to check and see there are any signs of penetration or damage to the roof.

Check the insulation

Another way to track down a leak is to see if there is water damage to the insulation. If there is a significant or abnormal amount of deterioration in a specific section, it may be from water damage. You may have to move the insulation for further inspection.

Inspect the roof vents

If you still are unable to find the leak, then try inspecting the roof vents. One of the common causes of leaks is a faulty vent boot. The vent boot provides a seal for vent pipes and these can crack or become damaged, especially from hailstorms or stormy weather.

Recreating leak conditions

As a last resort, you may need to recreate the conditions for a leak. This will take at least two people. One person will take a hose onto the roof and spray water onto various sections of the roof. Another person will be inside the attic, with a bucket and flashlight, watching for the water and identifying the leak.

Safety first

During the leak identification process, you will want to make sure and use caution in the attic and on the roof. Make sure you are only stepping on stable flooring, ceiling joists or beams while in the attic. If you decide to inspect the roof from the outside, you will want to make sure you have a proper ladder and safety equipment. You will also want to make sure and do the inspection in good, clear weather. See here for additional safety suggestions:

Contact a roofing professional

If you find a leak or are still unable to identify the source, you will want to talk to a professional roofer. They will be able assist in finding the leak, assess any damage and fix any problems. You may want to have an inspection done each year to make sure any problems are addressed proactively.

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