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Handicap-Accessible Bathroom Design and Installation Services in North DFW, TX

Your home’s bathrooms can be both beautiful and functional for those with and without disabilities. At Modern Blu, our ADA compliance experts can help design and install a bathroom that works for every member of your family.

ADA Compliant Requirements for Your Bathroom

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed in 1990. The law protects people with disabilities against discrimination in employment, transportation, communications, and public accommodations.

One aspect of the law addressed public restrooms, requiring these facilities to meet certain standards to ensure proper convenience and access to those with disabilities.

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Vanities, tubs, toilets, and more have their own guidelines to improve their usability. These requirements for public restrooms consider the specific needs of an individual using a wheelchair or other mobility device.

Elements in an ADA-compliant & Handicap Accessible Residential Bathroom generally includes:

  • Bathroom Doors should be at least 32 inches wide and open to 90 degrees
  • Minimum 60 inches of clear space for a wheelchair to turn
  • Bathroom Doors do not swing into the minimum turnaround area
  • The centerline of the toilet should be 16 to 18 inches from the sidewall
  • Toilet height should be between 17 and 19 inches
  • Sinks should be no higher than 34 inches from the floor
  • Sinks should have a clearance of 27 inches high for the knees
  • Sinks should be 30 inches wide and 11 to 25 inches deep
  • Grabs bars should be between 33 and 36 inches high
  • Bathtubs should be a maximum of 30 inches wide
  • Bathtubs should have a removable seat

The ADA has helped millions of Americans better access governmental buildings, maneuver down sidewalks, and use public restroom facilities. The same guidelines for public restrooms can be applied to home bathrooms.

Designed for Your Personal Needs

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 60 million adults in the U.S. live with a disability. Those who are part of that statistic want to do as much for themselves as possible. Our staff at Modern Blu is dedicated to helping your family be as self-sufficient as possible.

The universal public restroom measurements are a starting point for a personal bathroom. Our specialists can create custom solutions for the specific people using your bathroom. Heights, widths, and depths may be different for bathrooms serving children, short people, or extremely tall people. We will adjust the height of the toilets, sinks, grab bars, and other fixtures to best work for the people who will utilize that bathroom.

Other improvements can include a curb-less (also called zero-threshold) shower stall to help those unable to navigate a tub or curb at the shower entrance. Hand showers using removable heads with a long hose are helpful. Installing a built-in seat and grab bars can give people a choice of sitting or standing.

Frequently Asked Questions about Handicap & ADA Accessible Bathroom Design

How Can I Make My Bathroom Handicap Accessible?

If you or a loved one has special needs for accessibility in your home’s bathroom, it’s important that your it meet those needs to provide you or others with the comfort and accessibility they need. There are specific steps you can take to ensure the space is easy to use, and these changes can typically be made fairly quickly. Sometimes they involve a full bathroom remodel to achieve what’s needed, and we’ll let you know what structural design functions are helpful for you to achieve your desired bathroom design.

Invest in a Roll-in Shower

Bathtubs are difficult to access for those in wheelchairs, have trouble walking, or other disabilities. We can help you design and install a curb-less shower stall so that it removes any barriers to entry. This allows full access for anyone who can’t maneuver over a tub wall or curb. There’s no reason you or they should have to fight to get into a shower.

Important Tip: Make sure (if you’re not using Modern Blu for design) when you design your handicap-accessible bathroom space that your walk-in shower has sufficient space (see list above) to accommodate a shower chair or wheelchair.  It’s also a good idea install a built-in seat for those who want the option to while showering.

Invest in an Accessible Bathtub

A “Safety Tub” or “Walk-In Tub” is a specially-designed bathtub that will fill after you’ve entered and sat down, and you can drain it before you exit. Unlike a typical residential bathtub, the Walk-In Tub has taller walls and a swinging door. This makes it easy to step in and out. We supply models that are wheelchair-friendly as well. If you prefer a nice soak in a hot bath over a shower, Walk-In Tubs might be an excellent option.

Add Hardware like Grab Bars, Grab Rails and Support Bars for Stability

Modern Blu can help you choose functional and stylish support hardware options for your handicap accessible bathroom. Sometimes you can simply add hardware to your existing residential bathroom without a full remodel. It’s not likely, but it’s possible. We’re happy to take a look and let you know what’s needed, and if you’re handy, you might just need us to supply the hardware.

These support hardware options are a great starting point in making your bathroom more accessible:

Grab Bars in the shower
Support Rails or Grab Bars next to the toilet

Other Handicap-accessible hardware to consider

Removable Shower Head Along with a Long Shower Hose
Motion-Sensing or Easy Push-Pull Faucets

Expand the Bathroom Door Opening (and ensure minimum 90 degree swing space)

Wheelchairs require a lot of space, and that’s why your bathroom door should be adjusted to make it seamless for entry and exit. According to the ADA Requirements, a single-user bathroom should include:

A clear circle of 60” or more allowing a wheelchair to turn
30”x 48” access to the sink
Center line of the toilet at least 16” from wall

While these requirements are listed for public restrooms, they are great guidelines for your home’s restroom, and should go a long way to maximize accessibility and comfort.

Adjust the Height of Bathroom Sinks for Accessibility

Depending on your individual needs, sink height will vary, and you will need to know your specific height needs so that your bathroom vanity height design can be adjusted. This will make them them easier to use, especially for anyone using a wheelchair.
Make sure that your sinks are the correct height to be accessed from a seated position, and be sure to include faucets in your design that are easy to reach as well as  operate.
Some of our customers have opted to remove under-sink vanity cabinets and install a pedestal sink, because this allows an individual to get as close as possible. However, if your person can walk but has trouble bending, a higher sink might be the better design choice.

Adjust Your Bathroom’s Toilet Height (see above)

Just like your bathroom sink, the toilet needs to be accessible from a seated position. That’s why most of our customers replace their existing toilet with a longer based toilet, or add a base beneath the toilet that raises the unit several inches.

If you have questions about Handicap Accessible Bathroom Remodels or other bathroom accessibility improvements, contact an experienced Modern Blu Design Specialist today to learn more.

ADA Accessible Bathrooms Help with These Common Issues

  • Stability issues
  • Large or Heavy People
  • People recovering from surgery or having other temporary health problems
  • Individuals who need assistance with their restroom activities
  • Users of mobility equipment such as wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, and crutches

Bathroom remodeling is just the beginning of our services. We also can remodel your kitchen to make it more Handicap Accessible, as well as redesign other areas of your home for space, door width, and countertop-height concerns.

Beautiful and Functional Bathrooms that are Handicap Accessible

No one wants their home bathroom to look like a public facility. Our Modern Blu design experts will suggest the best materials for your needs. Ceramic tile, natural stone, hardwoods, and vinyl are all potential flooring and shower stall materials, and that includes ADA and Handicap Accessible Bathrooms. Durable, Supportive and Non-Slip are the guiding principles. Tile can be used but should not be glossy. Also, smaller tiles will dictate more grout lines and improve someone’s ability to grip the shower floor with their feet.

Learn more about how we can make your bathrooms function better for every member of your household. We offer unbeatable customer service for bathroom projects as well as whole-house  accessibility remodels.

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Customized Plans for Your ADA & Handicap Accessible Home Needs

Your family is unique and so should be the design for your home or room remodel. Modern Blu does not have a one-size-fits-all philosophy. We will meet with you, listen to your needs, and provide a design that meets your goals. You can count on us to provide an honest estimate and timeline for the project.

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